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Get to know what a brand platform is and its benefits for your beauty brand!

Promotion and branding are very important activities to make your beauty brand known and well received by the market. But before actually doing these two things, you must first prepare a brand platform. Have you heard? Not a few new business people do not have a special strategy or plan when carrying out promotions. Even though this step is very important for branding purposes, it can produce the effect the company wants. One part of the planning is assessing market conditions and competitors. Apart from that, business people also need to know the brand’s position in the eyes of consumers. That way, you can formulate the right marketing strategy and content to attract your target consumers. So, to find out all this information, you can create a brand platform to explain the important points of your brand and cosmetic products.

What is a Brand Platform?

Quoting from the MarketPoint page, a brand platform is a document prepared to explain the various unique features of a brand. Both in ideological and visual form. This document has a very important role in shaping the image of the business you run as a whole, as well as providing unique and attractive offers for the target audience. Then this document will also become a communication framework for a brand externally Laos WhatsApp Data and internally. Apart from that, this document can also be a basic guideline for each employee to carry out their operational activities every day. Therefore, as reported on the Appvizer page, this document has a very important role in becoming a reference point for external and internal stakeholders.

Helping Brands Create a Clear Message

Quoting from the SendPulse page, this document can ensure every identity component contained in the brand, which will help marketing activities to be in harmony. In the future, this will create a very strong association between the two. That way, you can convey promotional messages, brand character, and other important values ​​of your Switzerland Whatsapp Number cosmetics brand to the target audience you want to reach. So your cosmetics brand will have a strong and clear position in the market. Well, this will also help your cosmetics brand stand out from competitors. This is because the brand will have something more unique in the eyes of the audience. Then in the future the brand can provide a good experience for consumers.

How to Apply Conceptual Selling for Cosmetic Brands

It cannot be denied that the main goal in doing business is to increase sales. Various strategies are also carried out to sell more products or services. One strategy that is often used is conceptual selling. Do you know how to apply this strategy to your business? This conceptual is often used as a sales method by business people. And it has been proven that this strategy is quite good and significant for increasing sales. Likewise if applied to cosmetic brands. Various cosmetic brands have also used the conceptual selling method for their products. This strategy also has strong persuasive value to encourage consumers to buy the product. In fact, this sales strategy is also claimed to be a fairly aggressive strategy for marketing in this digital and modern era.

What is Conceptual Selling?

Conceptual selling is a strategy that focuses on selling products, not focusing on products. This concept or idea was first conceived by Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman as a more effective way to close high-value and complex deals that are common in corporate sales. The basis of this sales methodology itself is to focus on the concept of product sales. This strategy uses strong persuasive methods to get consumers to buy Oman WhatsApp Data products. In other words, consumers will be made to buy for their own reasons. The seller does not need to explain the product in detail, but consumers already have their own concept about the product. Of course, this method will teach sellers to take the time to understand buyers and position the product in terms they find interesting. Research, asking, listening, and personalization are all important during this conceptual sale.

Who is Suitable for Using Conceptual Selling?

As previously explained, conceptual selling has a quite significant impact on sales. It’s not surprising that most business people use this strategy. Especially if you have a cosmetics business, this strategy could be a consideration. So who is suitable for using conceptual selling? Below is a complete explanation. Service Vs. Product Conceptual Singapore Whatsapp Number selling is very powerful for selling services and other abstractions, because it is sometimes difficult to describe the “product” itself. That doesn’t mean that tangible products are better sold than conceptual sales, but services do have advantages. Therefore, conceptual selling is more widely adopted by B2B companies. Buying Cycles and Customer Lifetime Values Conceptual selling works best when you try to build positive, long-term relationships with customers that will generate value over a long time.

How to Implement an Outbound Marketing Strategy for Cosmetic Brands

Product marketing is one of the important points in a business. The right product marketing strategy will lead the company to achieve sales success. For example, by implementing an outbound marketing strategy for your cosmetics brand. In this case, the goal of every company is to attract target consumers and make them loyal customers. Before that, a strategy is needed to introduce the product to potential consumers and encourage them to make a purchase. A marketing strategy to encourage potential consumers to make purchases is called outbound marketing. Previously, have you ever seen an advertisement for a product displayed on a billboard? How often do you see products advertised on TV or in magazines? Well, these advertisements are one application of outbound marketing.

Overview of Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a traditional marketing method by sending messages to potential consumers. This type of marketing has actually been practiced for a long time in the business world. Sending messages in outbound marketing can be done through electronic media, such as TV, radio or social media advertisements. Not only that, outbound marketing can also be done through print media, such as magazines, newspapers, brochures or catalogs. Apart from electronic media and print media, there are still other ways to practice outbound New Zealand WhatsApp Data marketing strategies, namely through exhibitions, telemarketing and email spam. So, it can be concluded that outbound marketing is a marketing strategy that is used to attract potential customers in a more proactive way so that they are interested in buying the products or services being sold.

Form a Quality Marketing Team

After determining your potential customers, you can immediately form a marketing team that will help you carry out this outbound marketing strategy. To form a quality marketing team, you must have two professional teams, namely hunters and closers. Hunter is a marketing team whose job is to contact potential consumers and schedule Vietnam Whatsapp Number meetings. The closer is the marketing team in charge of preparing products, commercial proposals, contracts and closing sales transactions. In this case, you can recruit marketing team members who are experts in their field, both those who are experts in building good relationships with potential consumers and those who are able to close. So, the final goal after approaching consumers is to encourage them to make a purchase.

10 Beauty Industry Trends in E-Commerce 2023

After displaying your products in physical shop windows across the city, now is the time to flood the online cosmetics market with products from your beauty brand. However, in order to be able to set the right strategy. The cosmetics industry has recently experienced very dynamic progress and changes. According to Shopify, the beauty industry now generates $100 billion worldwide. Furthermore, we can also see the growth of the cosmetics business from changing consumer habits. By 2023, US shoppers are expected to spend nearly $24.5 billion on beauty and cosmetics products online. Well, considering that online shopping for beauty products has become popular among all demographics, of course you shouldn’t miss this moment so that your cosmetics brand becomes more well known to the public.

What’s New for the Beauty Industry in E-Commerce in 2023?

There are many things that influence changes in consumer behavior and make them switch to shopping online. Sometimes it would be more ideal to do it directly to find out the specific color and texture of the product. The prolonged pandemic from early 2019 has become a booster for this change in behavior. Aafter things improve at the end of 2022, will consumers continue to do this online shopping habit. So, looking at Tokopedia’s sales report for September 2022 by Compas Market Insight , beauty care products are in first place Netherlands WhatsApp Data with total sales of IDR 79 billion. For more details, see the report diagram from Tokopedia below. Sales report fmcg tokopedia From the diagram above. We can see that the beauty care product category dominates the FMCG market segmentation on Tokopedia.

What makes Beauty & Care products so popular?

There is no better answer than trends. Yep! Trends have a big influence on consumers’ decisions to buy beauty care products and cosmetics, including in e-commerce. For example, when people can easily access global beauty information Taiwan Whatsapp Number and trends digitally. Thus, beauty influencers were also born who became trendsetters for internet users. We can also see this from the Korean Culture and Beauty Wave that hit the world. In droves, millennials and generation Z are trying to apply Korean-style beauty care as their beauty treatment. In line with this, according to the UOB Report, half of the opinions generated by the Millennial generation are used to purchase “4S Lifestyle” products. Which includes Skin (Body & Beauty Care), Sugar (F&B), Sun (Vacation & Entertainment, and Screen (Digital Consumption).

Retail Branding: Importance for Business and How to Implement It

Retail branding is an important part of every retail business. The goal of retail branding is to ensure that the retail brand leaves a lasting impression in the minds of consumers that makes them loyal customers. Not that, retail branding also allows your business customers and clients to know what the goals of your retail business are. Because retail business is a competitive and customer-based business sector, you must ensure that your retail branding strategy is sustainable. As a retailer or reseller, you are no longer just a product supplier. You are a lifestyle partner and entity that helps build relationships with consumers based on unforgettable experiences. Basically, every consumer wants a satisfying and meaningful shopping experience.

What is Retail Branding?

Retail branding is a branding strategy carried out to build a strong perception about your retail store in the minds of your customers. In this case, you need to evoke positive feelings and encourage customers to view your retail business in a certain way. Your brand here acts as your business identity that connects your customers with your business. Faith Hope Consolo, chairman of the Douglas Elliman retail group, said that identity is truth and brand is the aspiration that customers want to buy. Andrienne Weiss from Adrienne Weiss Corporation stated that your brand is the story you tell the world in the hope that it will resonate Mexico WhatsApp Data and consumers will want to associate themselves with your brand. All successful brands know what their customers want and understand the customer’s decision journey in making a purchase.

Make Your Business Brand Different

You need to know that brand identity is very important because this identity will differentiate your business from your competitors. Yes, the stronger your store’s identity and the more aligned your business is with your target audience, the Mexico Whatsapp Number more customers will choose your brand over your competitors’. Try to position yourself as a consumer. Which of the two brands will you choose? Brand A has a unique product concept and attractive design. Meanwhile, brand B uses random concepts and designs for their product packaging, stores and websites. Of course, you will choose brand A, right? That’s the importance of having a strong brand identity so that your brand is easily recognized and trusted.

What is Merchandise Branding and Why is it Important?

Some of you may be familiar with the term merchandise branding. Yes, this term refers to a product marketing strategy that is carried out so that the business being run can be known more widely and more closely by the public. Have you ever imagined that the Mobile Legends fandom jersey made the same as the player’s or the KPOP idol photocard with every music album purchase could be said to be a marketing strategy? Yes, these two general things are actually a marketing strategy merchandise branding. Several companies that implement branding merchandise marketing strategies will have greater opportunities to establish communication with grass roots in society. As a result, businesses will get better recognition from society. Apart from that, those who use the merchandise will feel like they are part of the brand.

What is Merchandise Branding?

Simply put, merchandise branding is a branding process that is out using merchandise as a branding tool. In this case, merchandise products can be anything that is to the brand. Most of the merchandise is in the form of t-shirts, jackets, hats, stickers, or the like. These merchandise products must be printed with a logo, company name, motto or certain identity that shows the brand. Items used as merchandise can range from cheap value to VIP gifts. Only using goods as merchandise, some companies carry Malaysia WhatsApp Data out merchandise branding by creating mascot figures or products for consumption such as biscuits or mineral water. Based on the concept, merchandise branding is part of the brand’s communication efforts to the public.

The Importance of Merchandise Branding

Those of you who are in the cosmetics business, you must be wondering whether this merchandise brand can also be to your business and work as well as other businesses. The answer is yes. Want to know more about why this India Whatsapp Number merchandise brand is also important for your cosmetics business? Here, see the explanation below. The first reason why this is important for the development of your brand is the fact. That brand merchandise helps you build an emotional connection with your consumers. With this merchandise brand, you don’t to bother going out into the field to build relationships with your consumers or clients one by one. Here, brand merchandise will become your brand ambassador who helps your consumers and clients remember your brand.

How to Create a Customer Journey Map for Your Business?

Based on several customer experiences, many businesses don’t know what a customer really wants. This of course causes customers to look elsewhere or run to competitors who provide something according to their wishes. This can be fixed by creating a customer journey map. Customer journey maps are an important tool for visualizing customer motivation. All businesses or businesses want their products or services to be solutions to problems experienced by customers. However, in this case understanding the problems experienced by customers is the most difficult part. These difficulties generally come from the customers themselves, for example customers who often do not fully understand their own problems.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a customer or consumer’s journey when interacting with a business, business or brand . This customer journey map is complete, starting from when the customer first gets to know the business, looking at the products being sold in the shop window, making a purchase, to the customer’s attitude after making a purchase and making a transaction at the business. So, in simple terms, customer journey mapping is the art of understanding consumer mindsets. Customers can come from anywhere, maybe from Lebanon WhatsApp Data your business’s social media or maybe from your business website. Customers get to know your products in the form of goods and services from these channels. This is what is called a consumer journey map, where the consumer’s first steps enter the sales process at your business.

Benefits of Creating a Customer Journey Map

The key to the success of a business is understanding customers. Through customer journey mapping, this will help you or business buyers understand customers. This form of visualization of customer interactions with a business is a way to understand the direct experience of customers. This visualization also clearly shows Canada Whatsapp Number customers’ perspectives and motivations for a business. This can certainly help business owners organize and optimize processes and get better results. Creating a customer journey map can provide many benefits for a business or brand . For example, a customer journey map can enable a brand to understand consumers in depth or further. Apart from that, customer journey maps can also provide the best experience for customers.

Complete Guide to Becoming a Marketing Affiliate on TikTok

If asked what is the most popular social media at the moment? Surely most of you answered TikTok. It cannot be denied that people prefer TikTok over other social media. Not just to play, but also to earn income. One way is to become a TikTok marketing affiliate. Social media from China is currently expanding into business and commerce. Not only as social media for entertainment, but for trading. So by using TikTok, you can also carry out buying and selling transactions. To make this business easier, TikTok created the TikTok Affiliate program. This is one of TikTok’s strategies for connecting sellers and content creators . If you become a TikTok affiliate, you can link product links directly in the content you create.

Become a marketing affiliate on TikTok?

Maybe until now many people think that TikTok is only an application for dancing. But in fact it’s more than that. In fact, in just two years, TikTok managed to become the top 5 application with the most users in Indonesia. According to statistical data, TikTok currently has 1 billion monthly active users, who also watch 167 million hours of video every minute. Additionally, TikTok was the most popular app downloaded globally in 2021 and 2022, on both iOS and Android app stores, beating giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Kuwait WhatsApp Data YouTube. Wow! TikTok users are also not afraid to spend money or are known to be very loyal. According to Sensor Tower data, TikTok was the top-selling non-gaming app worldwide in February 2021, with user spending of more than $110 million. It finished the year as the top-selling app worldwide.

TikTok’s Increasing Popularity

The first reason why you should become a TikTok affiliate is that TikTok’s popularity is increasing. As previously mentioned, in just one month TikTok managed to gain one million new users. That way you will get a market that tends to increase every month. This is also proven by TikTok which has succeeded in beating Facebook. The USA Whatsapp Number giant application that has been holding great control over social media. So if you become a TikTok affiliate, the potential loss is very small, and the profits you get will be much greater. The next reason is that audience engagement on TikTok is greater. As is known, almost every month TikTok gets more than one million new users. That means you can get more than one million engagements every month.

Understand Consumer Motivation Analysis so that Marketing Strategies are More Effective

Motivation is a condition where a person has a desire or urge that arises consciously or unconsciously to carry out an action with a certain goal. By analyzing consumer motivation, you can create the best and most effective marketing strategy for your cosmetics business. Apart from that, motivation is also defined as an urge to achieve individual inner satisfaction. This can be someone’s motivation when buying something to achieve inner satisfaction. Quoting from DJ Durdian’s explanation, consumer motivation is an influence or consideration that provides encouragement to buy and also encouragement to make choices in purchasing goods or services.

What is Consumer Motivation?

Motivation is a condition where a person consciously or unconsciously has the desire or urge to carry out an action with a certain goal. Apart from that, motivation is also defined as an urge to achieve individual inner satisfaction. This can be someone’s motivation when buying something to achieve inner satisfaction. Meanwhile, consumer motivation is where a brand will look for various ways to motivate consumers to get involved, promote and ultimately buy the product or service. Quoting from DJ Durdian’s explanation, consumer motivation is an influence or consideration that provides encouragement to buy and also Korea WhatsApp Data encouragement to make choices in purchasing goods or services. Consumer motivation is a science of decision making to motivate consumers. This science is very important for building brand equity and loyal customers.

Things that Influence Consumer Motivation

There are three main factors that can influence consumer behavior, namely emotions, situations and personality. Humans tend to use emotions or feelings to obtain information about objects, products and society. In this case, emotions Malaysia Whatsapp Number have a flexible nature and are more specific to the context. For example, consumers can feel relaxed at a spa and excited at a basketball game. The two examples above have a positive emotional side but differ in the level of emotion. Relaxation can motivate someone to linger and let their mind go on an adventure. Meanwhile, excitement can motivate someone to be enthusiastic about buying beauty products or other services.

How to Make a Business Collaboration Proposal

In the process of running a business, a businessman definitely needs work processes and strategies. That influence the development of the company. This development will be obtained from a system of cooperation with other parties. To make it easier to form collaborative relationships, you have to understand how to make the right business collaboration proposal. What must be prepared so that you can get a cooperation agreement. So how do you get investors to look at your business? The answer is to submit a business proposal to the party you want to collaborate with. Here, business venture proposals don’t just stop at being used by trade and service companies on a large scale. Small-scale trading companies still have the opportunity to start a wider business by preparing this type of proposal.

Business and Business Proposal Framework

The contents of the business and business proposal will contain several frameworks. That can support the description of the business you are running. The following will explain the contents of each sub-chapter of the business and business proposal framework as well as what aspects you must include in it. The first framework in business and business proposals is the introductory structure. Here the introduction contains the background of why you chose to build your business, and what is interesting about your business. You need to remember that explaining the background is one Japan WhatsApp Data of the most important aspects in business and business proposals because it will explain the urgency of the business. Investors will tend to be more interested in creative ideas and also the originality behind the emergence of a venture or business.

Cost and Income Design

The contents of the Chapter IV framework are to display details of capital. Operational costs and business income to be obtained. Here you have to write down everything related to the form of costs, where these costs will be used for your business needs. Write in detail and in detail, OK! If your goal in preparing a proposal is to Hong Kong Whatsapp Number get funding from investors. This section will be important points and highlights. Try to explain the financial situation that your business is experiencing honestly and truly. This happens because investors will be very observant in checking the financial. Condition of a company into which they are going to inject funds. Chapter V is the final framework in the business proposal section which will summarize all the essence of the explanations in the previous chapters.

Brand Essence Strategy to Increase Your Cosmetic Brand Awareness!

Just making international quality cosmetic products is not enough to make your business lead the market. However, you also have to accompany it with the right promotional strategy to make people understand the unique value of your products. In this case, implementing a brand essence strategy for your brand and cosmetic products is the right choice. Beautypreneurs, did you know that quality raw materials do not guarantee. The success of your cosmetics brand in dominating the market? Yep! More than that, you must have the best marketing strategy to be able to highlight the essence of the cosmetic brand you own. When you can convey the essence and unique value of your product well to the public, consumers will be more receptive and interested in buying the product.

What is Brand Essence?

Brand essence is something created by a company or industry. To show the main properties of the various products it has. This strategy shows the feelings consumers expect when they interact with the brand. These are the attributes that consumers will then feel or find as differentiators between the brand and other brands on the market. Brand essence is considered the soul or DNA of a brand that can be felt whenever and wherever the brand is located. Brand essence basically functions to unite the brand’s concept, goals, value proposition, values ​​and principles. In this case, a good Italy WhatsApp Data brand essence is a brand essence that is able to explain the unique benefits that the brand offers to its target consumers. The aim of developing this brand essence is to highlight a different identity from its business competitors.

Characteristics of Brand Essence

Like other marketing strategies, brand essence has various characteristics that make it very useful for companies. The following are several brand essence characteristics. That must be present in a brand to highlight its identity in the market. One of the characteristics of the Essence brand is unique. This means that the Cambodia Whatsapp Number essence brand is able to build a brand identity in the market so that the cosmetic product will look unique and attractive. Apart from being unique, a brand essence must have intangible properties. The reason is, brand essence is not like properties in the form of product features and prices. The branding aspect in it is the goals and values ​​of a brand that are not officially written.

How to Make a Pitch Deck and 10 Important Elements That Must Be in It

How to Make a Pitch Deck it’s no surprise that as a new businessman you don’t know about pitch decks. Because this is generally used in company development in the form of presentations. One of the aims of which is to attract investor interest. The first way is to use a fairly popular rule from Guy Kawasaki. Where you have to make sure your slides have no more than 10 slides. Then the time you will use when presenting is also no more than 20 minutes, until the font size you use is no less than 30 minutes. To maximize this, you can organize and place the important points of your cosmetics brand. For example, a brief vision and mission of the brand, character, target market and consumers, as well as what kind of concept you want to campaign in your business.

What is a Pitch Deck?

Quoting from Visme, a pitch deck is a short presentation that explains a general overview of your business plan. With the help of a pitch deck, you can explain what kind of product you will sell to potential investors. Apart from that, this deck can also invite investors to be willing to provide funding for your business. Pitch decks are basically created using various common tools such as KeyNote, PowerPoint, or Prezi. It doesn’t just stop there, you can also use a pitch deck to explain your business plan when meeting with other companies to collaborate with or people who have the Israel WhatsApp Data potential to become co-founders. Although pitch decks are generally created to attract investors, there are actually many other uses for this presentation. As a cosmetic brand owner, you can use a pitch deck to offer collaboration, cooperation with large companies, and attract business partners.

Elements in a Pitch Deck

If you understand what a pitch deck is, the next step is to know what elements are contained in a. Quoting from Forbes, there are three things that can make a potential always look attractive in the eyes of potential investors. These three things are having a simple, convincing appearance and realistic business goals to be carried out further. The following are the ideal elements that should be in a as follows: Title UK Whatsapp Number You must ensure that the title you create is clear and concise. Avoid too many ornaments that could distract from the main slide. Business Issues or Background Write down the issue in the pitch deck. This is the most basic thing and supports the content on the following slides. Also make sure to make the issue more relevant and have high urgency.