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10 Beauty Industry Trends in E-Commerce 2023

After displaying your products in physical shop windows across the city, now is the time to flood the online cosmetics market with products from your beauty brand. However, in order to be able to set the right strategy. The cosmetics industry has recently experienced very dynamic progress and changes. According to Shopify, the beauty industry now generates $100 billion worldwide. Furthermore, we can also see the growth of the cosmetics business from changing consumer habits. By 2023, US shoppers are expected to spend nearly $24.5 billion on beauty and cosmetics products online. Well, considering that online shopping for beauty products has become popular among all demographics, of course you shouldn’t miss this moment so that your cosmetics brand becomes more well known to the public.

What’s New for the Beauty Industry in E-Commerce in 2023?

There are many things that influence changes in consumer behavior and make them switch to shopping online. Sometimes it would be more ideal to do it directly to find out the specific color and texture of the product. The prolonged pandemic from early 2019 has become a booster for this change in behavior. Aafter things improve at the end of 2022, will consumers continue to do this online shopping habit. So, looking at Tokopedia’s sales report for September 2022 by Compas Market Insight , beauty care products are in first place Netherlands WhatsApp Data with total sales of IDR 79 billion. For more details, see the report diagram from Tokopedia below. Sales report fmcg tokopedia From the diagram above. We can see that the beauty care product category dominates the FMCG market segmentation on Tokopedia.

What makes Beauty & Care products so popular?

There is no better answer than trends. Yep! Trends have a big influence on consumers’ decisions to buy beauty care products and cosmetics, including in e-commerce. For example, when people can easily access global beauty information Taiwan Whatsapp Number and trends digitally. Thus, beauty influencers were also born who became trendsetters for internet users. We can also see this from the Korean Culture and Beauty Wave that hit the world. In droves, millennials and generation Z are trying to apply Korean-style beauty care as their beauty treatment. In line with this, according to the UOB Report, half of the opinions generated by the Millennial generation are used to purchase “4S Lifestyle” products. Which includes Skin (Body & Beauty Care), Sugar (F&B), Sun (Vacation & Entertainment, and Screen (Digital Consumption).