How to Make a Pitch Deck and 10 Important Elements That Must Be in It

How to Make a Pitch Deck it’s no surprise that as a new businessman you don’t know about pitch decks. Because this is generally used in company development in the form of presentations. One of the aims of which is to attract investor interest. The first way is to use a fairly popular rule from Guy Kawasaki. Where you have to make sure your slides have no more than 10 slides. Then the time you will use when presenting is also no more than 20 minutes, until the font size you use is no less than 30 minutes. To maximize this, you can organize and place the important points of your cosmetics brand. For example, a brief vision and mission of the brand, character, target market and consumers, as well as what kind of concept you want to campaign in your business.

What is a Pitch Deck?

Quoting from Visme, a pitch deck is a short presentation that explains a general overview of your business plan. With the help of a pitch deck, you can explain what kind of product you will sell to potential investors. Apart from that, this deck can also invite investors to be willing to provide funding for your business. Pitch decks are basically created using various common tools such as KeyNote, PowerPoint, or Prezi. It doesn’t just stop there, you can also use a pitch deck to explain your business plan when meeting with other companies to collaborate with or people who have the Israel WhatsApp Data potential to become co-founders. Although pitch decks are generally created to attract investors, there are actually many other uses for this presentation. As a cosmetic brand owner, you can use a pitch deck to offer collaboration, cooperation with large companies, and attract business partners.

Elements in a Pitch Deck

If you understand what a pitch deck is, the next step is to know what elements are contained in a. Quoting from Forbes, there are three things that can make a potential always look attractive in the eyes of potential investors. These three things are having a simple, convincing appearance and realistic business goals to be carried out further. The following are the ideal elements that should be in a as follows: Title UK Whatsapp Number You must ensure that the title you create is clear and concise. Avoid too many ornaments that could distract from the main slide. Business Issues or Background Write down the issue in the pitch deck. This is the most basic thing and supports the content on the following slides. Also make sure to make the issue more relevant and have high urgency.

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