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Complete Guide to Becoming a Marketing Affiliate on TikTok

If asked what is the most popular social media at the moment? Surely most of you answered TikTok. It cannot be denied that people prefer TikTok over other social media. Not just to play, but also to earn income. One way is to become a TikTok marketing affiliate. Social media from China is currently expanding into business and commerce. Not only as social media for entertainment, but for trading. So by using TikTok, you can also carry out buying and selling transactions. To make this business easier, TikTok created the TikTok Affiliate program. This is one of TikTok’s strategies for connecting sellers and content creators . If you become a TikTok affiliate, you can link product links directly in the content you create.

Become a marketing affiliate on TikTok?

Maybe until now many people think that TikTok is only an application for dancing. But in fact it’s more than that. In fact, in just two years, TikTok managed to become the top 5 application with the most users in Indonesia. According to statistical data, TikTok currently has 1 billion monthly active users, who also watch 167 million hours of video every minute. Additionally, TikTok was the most popular app downloaded globally in 2021 and 2022, on both iOS and Android app stores, beating giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Kuwait WhatsApp Data YouTube. Wow! TikTok users are also not afraid to spend money or are known to be very loyal. According to Sensor Tower data, TikTok was the top-selling non-gaming app worldwide in February 2021, with user spending of more than $110 million. It finished the year as the top-selling app worldwide.

TikTok’s Increasing Popularity

The first reason why you should become a TikTok affiliate is that TikTok’s popularity is increasing. As previously mentioned, in just one month TikTok managed to gain one million new users. That way you will get a market that tends to increase every month. This is also proven by TikTok which has succeeded in beating Facebook. The USA Whatsapp Number giant application that has been holding great control over social media. So if you become a TikTok affiliate, the potential loss is very small, and the profits you get will be much greater. The next reason is that audience engagement on TikTok is greater. As is known, almost every month TikTok gets more than one million new users. That means you can get more than one million engagements every month.