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Twitch guide in Spanish What it is and how it works in 2022

What is Twitch guide and how does it work? If you are thinking about starting to use one of the largest streaming platforms for your brand or business and don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. Here you will learn to better understand what this platform is, who it belongs to, what strengths Twitch has when it comes to using it for your company and how to start using it to broadcast live videos or how to consume content through Twitch in a way graphic and simple.

What is Twitch guide for my company or business

Twitch is a great platform to boost the visibility category email list of your business through live video content . It is a golden opportunity to be able to offer longer and slower content than other platforms, since the Twitch user generally does not go to a channel to watch short content. This is when good opportunities arise for your business such as: Create live tutorials or webinars so that potential clients get to know you and you get to know them thanks to live chat. Interact with your audience in real time through chat and donations to learn about their interests, doubts, concerns, anecdotes.You can improve your services thanks to the information collected in points one and two. It is a great showcase for service sectors or professionals who telework at home to show how they work and in what way by transmitting their workday live. 

Where to watch a stream from this platform

Thanks to its popularity, you will be Phone List able to stream for free from numerous platforms such as: The official Twitch page. Native application for iOS and Android . Program for Windows and macOS. Native applications for video game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. Support for Amazon Fire TV, Smarts TV, etc. The tool offers the community multiple sites so they can start seeing your content.If you start to grow on the platform, you have the opportunity to get sponsorships according to the type of content you offer.

Brand purpose is a very powerful tool, but we must learn to use it

Since I began to delve deeper into brand purpose, my methodology for defining marketing strategies has evolved. I have found the piece I was missing, the link between company and market that I had been looking for for a long time. I have recently added a new link to this chain of learning. He started by looking with data at something that all marketing professionals have been thinking about for a long time. Through a book I discovered a study that made me understand the low influence of our marketing on the purchasing decision and that the key is to seek a different and more human approach to our audience . At this point I discovered that brand purpose is the basis of the new approach to marketing that companies need to learn . AND THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING .

When we align the purpose of the company with the market, they are automatically attracted to us.

Between the reason that led the founder of the company to create it (base purpose), and the market, there are several elements.  That we must align to become a magnet for our clients. It is not a magic formula, quite the opposite. We are talking about human relationships, we are talking about generating trust between two parties. The factors to align are: Purpose of the founder. Purpose of the.  Company. Company culture. Mercado. This is, obviously, a simplification, an outline of a complete process to be developed with a specific methodology (like the one we use at Purpose Driven Organizations ). Introducing category email list purpose into a company goes far beyond .  Marketing and communication. It is expensive, but the necessary changes must be worked on and produced in all departments of the company. 

Purpose connects us with the market, but poorly applied it can limit our growth

Purpose is the root of everything in the company, but it does not have to become the base argument or main value proposition of our marketing. When we find our purpose Phone List we are dazzled, it seems that .  We have found the solution to all our problems, the key that will make our company take off. And it is true that in the medium term there will be an important change, but as I said at the beginning of this article, it is not magic. This positive change is the result of a work process. As part of this temporary dazzle, it seems to us that anything we .  Communicate to the market has to breathe 100% of our purpose. And it is tr.  Ue that everything has to go through its filter, but we must measure the .  Weight we give to each of the arguments. If, for example, our purpose is related to sustainability .  And we overemphasize this argument.

The great mistake of advertising was to end up depending excessively

Few people together have as many years of experience and success as Toni Segarra and Marc Ros in the world of advertising and communication. Therefore, that’s why putting them together was quite a challenge, like one of those derby that you look forward to all year. Therefore, and so it has been, this week the founders of Alegre i Roca and After have been in charge of inaugurating the 5th International Marketing and Sales Congress that the Association for the Progress of Management ( APD ) has held in Valencia.

The keys to the marketing of the future in advertising

Both highlighted the importance category email list of a change in mentality : the audience has been fragmented into thousands of channels, so the way of working has changed. ” The big mistake of advertising was to end up depending too much on the format and the medium ,” said Segarra. Long ago, the important thing was the medium in which to address the largest audience. Therefore, now the main thing is to reach each target audience in a personalized way. Be when, where and how they prefer. Therefore, the client is in charge , they decide what content they want, and the agencies have to create what they want and in the way they prefer.

The great decision for Nike 's growth is its audience

In short, this rethinking that we have Phone List to reflect on in the sector involves continuing to think as an agency, a lot. Therefore, in making everyday what is not everyday and making it available to the public. That, together with a good investment in marketing, predicts sure success. The derby ended in a technical tie and absolute fair play with an exchange of shirts between the players. Therefore, which made clear the good harmony between these two advertising “rivals” and yet friends. A result that leaves open a second leg or, perhaps, to field their best players to win a World Cup.

And in the next post

I leave it here again! I have more to talk about this topic and, honestly, I’m having fun making a series. It’s been a while since I’ve done any series of posts! But I think it’s cool, right? This makes it lighter (I mean, zero). In this post we have reviewed two types of Social Proof and seen some way to apply it on your Website or blog . But be careful, this is just an example because from your imagination you can surely draw other ways to enhance this phenomenon. In the next post we will see two more and, perhaps, some final recommendations on what we should not do since it can cause the opposite effect. Will you miss it? Tell me no! Plus, it will come with an unexpected surprise…

Number of comments in the “preview”

Personally, I believe that [piopialo]the number of comments is also a key indicator of the importance or value that a category email list post provides[/piopialo]. For this reason, I consider that showing this information in the “teaser” of a post on the main page or category pages can increase clicks and readings. Even within the same post, in the header, the number of comments can make you read the post more carefully since, if there is a debate around it, you will want to participate and you need to read everything well. I’m wrong? Numbers, even how important they are… But it’s not the only thing! Lately there is a lot of talk about quality vs quantity in marketing (well, in other things it has also been said for many years… hee hee hee).

Social Proof based on opinions

Mercedes wore (very bad!) at one of the galas From Big Brother 15, people started making jokes about “ Product Placement taken to another level .” But what does that have Phone List to do with what we are dealing with today? Well, it turns out that, as a general rule, a person we admire doing something has the same effect (or more) than if a lot of people do it . If in the previous point we talked about the influence of numbers, in this one we talk about the influence of the recommendations of influential people or, in other words, of the people who are where you want to go or have achieved what you want to achieve. Well, be careful, that or at least that they are well considered by those you want to impress . How can you apply these principles to your blog?

Product Industry Wisdom Bytes

 My name is Isabel and I call her Product Industry because she is (sector of my website). I’m calling you because I have a (sector) website and. I’m looking for a professional who wants to serve. The clients they are generating. Could you be interested. With this we will have a clear answer, it is usually. Let’s see what that is like, explain it to me better. Customer in the boat! And then I have to use my sales skills and test whether I have done good research, because I have information about him and I am prepared for any question he wants to ask me. How about? If I called you and offered you a free trial to get potential clients, would you accept it? I do.

Help many Product Industry professionals to be happier

That’s the question I ask myself when I get insecurities category email list and that pinch in my stomach for fear of that dreaded NO. Then I tell myself: Don’t think you’re so special, everyone has the same needs if I wanted it for myself, because I’m not going to easily find someone like me. And I throw myself into the mud, put on my best smile and try to explain to the best of my knowledge the great opportunity I am offering. And remember that no one likes to be sold to. I don’t sell, I help many professionals to be happier in their work and earn more money .

You stop being interested for any reason with

The price, the rental, is always cheaper than positioning Phone List your own page. The example is similar to buying a house, you acquire property, but you must also hire a good professional to position it, pay for hosting, domain and solve any problems that may arise. If you stop being interested for any reason with a call, you suspend the service . You can try different services to see which one interests your company the most. From my point of view, there are more than convincing reasons for any entrepreneur to whom you are offering to try a service that can make them money without obligation .