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I leave it here again! I have more to talk about this topic and, honestly, I’m having fun making a series. It’s been a while since I’ve done any series of posts! But I think it’s cool, right? This makes it lighter (I mean, zero). In this post we have reviewed two types of Social Proof and seen some way to apply it on your Website or blog . But be careful, this is just an example because from your imagination you can surely draw other ways to enhance this phenomenon. In the next post we will see two more and, perhaps, some final recommendations on what we should not do since it can cause the opposite effect. Will you miss it? Tell me no! Plus, it will come with an unexpected surprise…

Number of comments in the “preview”

Personally, I believe that [piopialo]the number of comments is also a key indicator of the importance or value that a category email list post provides[/piopialo]. For this reason, I consider that showing this information in the “teaser” of a post on the main page or category pages can increase clicks and readings. Even within the same post, in the header, the number of comments can make you read the post more carefully since, if there is a debate around it, you will want to participate and you need to read everything well. I’m wrong? Numbers, even how important they are… But it’s not the only thing! Lately there is a lot of talk about quality vs quantity in marketing (well, in other things it has also been said for many years… hee hee hee).

Social Proof based on opinions

Mercedes wore (very bad!) at one of the galas From Big Brother 15, people started making jokes about “ Product Placement taken to another level .” But what does that have Phone List to do with what we are dealing with today? Well, it turns out that, as a general rule, a person we admire doing something has the same effect (or more) than if a lot of people do it . If in the previous point we talked about the influence of numbers, in this one we talk about the influence of the recommendations of influential people or, in other words, of the people who are where you want to go or have achieved what you want to achieve. Well, be careful, that or at least that they are well considered by those you want to impress . How can you apply these principles to your blog?

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