Social Proof based on opinions of experts or influencers

If you search for “Mercedes Milá Babybel” on Google Images , (be careful! You may get a boob of Love!!!), you will see how, when you see the dress that Mercedes wore (very bad!) at one of the galas From Big Brother 15, people started making jokes about “ Product Placement taken to another level .” But what does that have to do with what we are dealing with today? Well, it turns out that, as a general rule, a person we admire doing something has the same effect (or more) than if a lot of people do it .

If in the previous point we talked about the

How can you apply these principles to your blog? Ask for a written recommendation. If you already have good relationships with a “top blogger” in your sector, ask them to write industry email list you a recommendation. You will probably be happy to do so and this will help you in your growth, almost as much as drinking a Cola-Cao every day. Look for positive mentions on social networks . It may be difficult for you to get that recommendation but not so much a mention on Twitter or Facebook. If any of these “top bloggers” have ever mentioned you positively on any social network, that post will be very useful to you.

Include these recommendations on your “About” page

Once you have collected some recommendations and publications, it is time to make Phone List them “obvious” on your “About” page. Write those mentions or insert them directly on your presentation page, arguing something like “What the greats of this world say about me.” As I write this, I realized that by “influencers,” I don’t just mean people. The same effect occurs when you include logos of big brands or blogs on your website since, in some way, their “strength” is transmitted to your own signature. This is something you have also seen more than once.

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