Brand purpose is a very powerful tool, but we must learn to use it

Since I began to delve deeper into brand purpose, my methodology for defining marketing strategies has evolved. I have found the piece I was missing, the link between company and market that I had been looking for for a long time. I have recently added a new link to this chain of learning. He started by looking with data at something that all marketing professionals have been thinking about for a long time. Through a book I discovered a study that made me understand the low influence of our marketing on the purchasing decision and that the key is to seek a different and more human approach to our audience . At this point I discovered that brand purpose is the basis of the new approach to marketing that companies need to learn . AND THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING .

When we align the purpose of the company with the market, they are automatically attracted to us.

Between the reason that led the founder of the company to create it (base purpose), and the market, there are several elements.  That we must align to become a magnet for our clients. It is not a magic formula, quite the opposite. We are talking about human relationships, we are talking about generating trust between two parties. The factors to align are: Purpose of the founder. Purpose of the.  Company. Company culture. Mercado. This is, obviously, a simplification, an outline of a complete process to be developed with a specific methodology (like the one we use at Purpose Driven Organizations ). Introducing category email list purpose into a company goes far beyond .  Marketing and communication. It is expensive, but the necessary changes must be worked on and produced in all departments of the company. 

Purpose connects us with the market, but poorly applied it can limit our growth

Purpose is the root of everything in the company, but it does not have to become the base argument or main value proposition of our marketing. When we find our purpose Phone List we are dazzled, it seems that .  We have found the solution to all our problems, the key that will make our company take off. And it is true that in the medium term there will be an important change, but as I said at the beginning of this article, it is not magic. This positive change is the result of a work process. As part of this temporary dazzle, it seems to us that anything we .  Communicate to the market has to breathe 100% of our purpose. And it is tr.  Ue that everything has to go through its filter, but we must measure the .  Weight we give to each of the arguments. If, for example, our purpose is related to sustainability .  And we overemphasize this argument.

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