Is sustainability a valid argument for all companies?

The context has changed, the rules of the game have changed, but have companies changed? I have been talking about purpose for some time on this blog, as a tool not only to connect with the market, but as a filter for each of the activities carried out by the company . Companies must take a step forward and get involved with society But of course, what happens when we connect with the market? That our role in it changes, that our relevance increases, that we are (our companies are) more influential in the market. My impression is that the approach of providing “only” a good value proposition is beginning to not be enough. Since before COVID we see a trend that has worsened.

Sustainability as a brand purpose or as an advertising argument

In this sense, many companies.  Have chosen sustainability as an argument to .Connect with society. Depending on the company, sustainability is part of the purpose that guides the evolution industry email list of the company or it remains more of an advertising argument than anything else. We are in a moment in which society is more sensitive and receptive to these arguments and companies are taking advantage of it. Nowadays if you are not sustainable, ecological, etc. you are nobody. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking care of our planet. What doesn’t fit me is the use of sustainability as an advertising banner. What will these companies do when the trend changes? What will these initiatives become?

How much force does an argument have or lose when many use it?

And on the other hand, being clear that sustainability and . Xaring for our planet are fundamental, I wonder, how powerful is the argument of sustainability for our . Audiences? (it will be more relevant for some than for others) how much strength does it lose when so many companies are using similar arguments? What will happen to the audiences of companies that do not Phone List fulfill their promise? That said, my thoughts on sustainability as part of a company’s strategy are: Sustainable is . Nrn, not made. It must be part of the company’s purpose. For sustainability to.  Generate real traction in the market, it has to be part of this competitive advantage that makes the company different.

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