The great mistake of advertising was to end up depending excessively

Few people together have as many years of experience and success as Toni Segarra and Marc Ros in the world of advertising and communication. Therefore, that’s why putting them together was quite a challenge, like one of those derby that you look forward to all year. Therefore, and so it has been, this week the founders of Alegre i Roca and After have been in charge of inaugurating the 5th International Marketing and Sales Congress that the Association for the Progress of Management ( APD ) has held in Valencia.

The keys to the marketing of the future in advertising

Both highlighted the importance category email list of a change in mentality : the audience has been fragmented into thousands of channels, so the way of working has changed. ” The big mistake of advertising was to end up depending too much on the format and the medium ,” said Segarra. Long ago, the important thing was the medium in which to address the largest audience. Therefore, now the main thing is to reach each target audience in a personalized way. Be when, where and how they prefer. Therefore, the client is in charge , they decide what content they want, and the agencies have to create what they want and in the way they prefer.

The great decision for Nike 's growth is its audience

In short, this rethinking that we have Phone List to reflect on in the sector involves continuing to think as an agency, a lot. Therefore, in making everyday what is not everyday and making it available to the public. That, together with a good investment in marketing, predicts sure success. The derby ended in a technical tie and absolute fair play with an exchange of shirts between the players. Therefore, which made clear the good harmony between these two advertising “rivals” and yet friends. A result that leaves open a second leg or, perhaps, to field their best players to win a World Cup.

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