A Huesitos chocolate snack comes to life in this new and fun spot

Huesitos launches a new campaign under the name “Divertiroo” , with a spot starring the chocolate and wafer snack, which has come to life. A campaign full of surprises and fun, to the rhythm of music and the flavor of Huesitos. The brand reinforces its relaxed and friendly character with the now classic claim ” everything is more fun!” . This campaign aims to connect with several generations and bring smiles to young people, adults and families alike.

With Huesitos everything is more fun

“In this campaign we wanted to industry email list give life and personality to our iconic snack so that it becomes part of our daily lives, inviting us to bring out the fun side of life.” They point out from Huesitos, they add that “we have managed to make this spot perfectly reflect how taking a bite of a Huesitos makes us feel and we want it to be transmitted that way, with the same friendliness that so characterizes this delicious snack,” they conclude. In this context, Huesitos continues to stand out for its constant growth in sales, it is among the top 3 brands in the chocolate countlines market, accumulating a sales growth of 9.1%.

A fun communication campaign

The Huesitos spot has been developed in Phone Lead conjunction with the El Laboratorio agency . Therefore, to create the pieces, we worked together with the production company BLISS. Which combined 2D and 3D techniques. Therefore, acting and accessories, to give life to the snack. With a relaxed and happy personality that is evident throughout the spot . Therefore, the communication department will have a strong presence on TV media, different digital media. On the brand’s social networks; in addition to having great support at the point of sale

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