Personal Seo or Company Website Optimization

You shouldn’t be asking yourself this question if you are a business owner. Why? Because you need both! Your brand needs to have a good reputation, just like the people who create it. The gains you make in one SEO area should complement the other.

If the reputation of your name on the Internet is important to you, this is what you should focus on and build a personal brand. This will strengthen the activities of the companies you run.

How to start SEO personal branding?
The results that Google and other search engines provide when entering a specific person are a large mix of data: social media accounts, company websites, profiles of blog authors and any content in which they are mentioned.

Create a Database of Specific Information About

So where to start so that users see what you care about most in the search engine? Google usually rates Facebook profiles highly . Unfortunately, this website may be difficult to use due to its frivolous nature.

It is a place that is often used to share funny content, jokes or Whatsapp Number List  memes, mainly with friends and family. There is nothing wrong with this, but it may not be helpful in building the reputation of your name on the Internet.

A professional profile with an appropriate profile photo is what you should post online to become recognized and respected.

Twitter lost its popularity a few years ago, only to regain a large number of active users some time ago. As a result, Google has started indexing tweets again, so your content from this website may appear in the search results for your name.

Personal branding SEO traditional optimization

Even if you don’t use Twitter very often, create a profile with a professional photo and keyword-optimized description. Then post a tweet with something like “I’m not active here, but I invite you to LinkedIn [place link here].” You can use any other website you visit frequently.

However, this can be solved by moving this information to another Phone List place, to the sidebar or top bar, or by implementing a “Load more” button.

Infinite scroll and pagination
Pagination is pagination. It appears most often on blogs and online stores. Its purpose is to better navigate the website and organize the content on it. This method divides the website into subsequent subpages.

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