The biggest insights in December were

The 14-hour workdays did their job. Three days of continuous headache caused me to visit the neurological department of Kuopio University Hospital. Expert service, I must say. Epicriids: a combination of tension headache and migraine. November sales: €5,510.00 November’s most popular blog post: October’s results report – 12 months of entrepreneurship behind DECEMBER 2016 In December, I spend time building a vision for the coming year and setting strategic goals. When the big picture is clear enough, setting interim goals is easier. I write and draw three notebooks full of thoughts that had been simmering in my head for three months. Surprisingly, they were even logical. these: Focus and prioritization.

Discussions were held on both sides and the

Two wonderful people were found there who helped for the rest of the year. the naps were good, the work not so much. Also read this: What is Blogger to Professional™ and how does it benefit you? Also read this:™ coaching I also knew that there were still too many concepts. So I had a conversation with a student about possible sales of e-book copyrights. He would receive a ready-made concept, two sales tunnels, texts for landing pages and Facebook ads, and personal guidance.  deal special data was agreed for December. I don’t know if I ended up exhausted sitting on the stairs, but I do know that this was not the same exhaustion as before. I had always taken insomnia as a sign of exhaustion. However, this time there was no insomnia. I slept well and enough. But my body couldn’t take it.

October and November, we wrote the

And it was found there. At the turn of sales documents about the Dream of Happiness concept. The feeling was better. I knew that the person who took over the community was going to do wonders there. I have experienced some of the miracles myself with his help. October sales: €1,920.00. Fatigue did its job. October’s most popular blog post: Impostor Syndrome: 48 Ways to Get Rid of It NOVEMBER 2016 In November, I knew that the business Phone List had to be rethought. I knew I had grown the business to the point where I could run it on my own. you to help, develop and expand. I put a survey on the Blogger to Professional™ student community and asked if there would be people willing to work with me.

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