10 Tips to Make Your Blog Really Work

In addition, 10 Tips to Make Your Blog Really Work. Starting a blog is quite an adventure. But sometimes we don’t know how to choose. In addition, the most appropriate paths or we simply make bad decisions. After that, that make this adventure become a misadventure and in some cases lead to abandoning the project. In this article I want to give you what, for me, are the 10 keys that every blogger should tattoo on their arm to make their blog really work. Therefore, and regardless of what their goal is with it.

Why should I blog

Before laying the first stone of the work that will shape your blog, you have to answer this question and define. Therefore, what the main objective is that you intend to achieve with this project. This is something super important and will logically job function email list  be linked. In addition, decision-making within our dissemination and marketing strategy. These are some of the most common objectives. To improve personal brand. To obtain a job. To improve current work.

Grease the machine

After that, Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk to you about mechanics. But I will talk about technical aspects that I consider essential if we want to achieve visibility and traffic in the Google search engine. This is step zero or step minus 1, that is, it is the first thing we Phone List have to do once. After that, we have created the blog, and that is to do an SEO audit of our project. Therefore, And thereby detect all kinds of technical errors that could be a great burden and negatively affect our positioning.

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