20 free courses to learn graphic design and illustration

20 free courses to learn graphic design and illustration. Design is of great importance in everything we do and it is very important that we train ourselves and get the most out of all our content or visual work. It is for this reason that I have thought of compiling in this article the 20 best graphic design and illustration courses where you can learn to create professional content , and all of this explained step by step and for free. Gone are phrases like “Photoshop is choking on me”, now it is in your power to start using the main and best graphic design and illustration tools that currently exist.

Adobe Illustrator: Photovectorization with Meshes

 Adobe Illustrator: Photovectorization with Meshes. Behind the countless strokes and vectors that Adobe Illustrator hides are incredibly useful tools. And the phenomenon of illustration is not limited only to drawing, but also to painting. Don’t you know how to paint. In addition, Don’t worry, I have a super simple solution: tights. Don’t worry! You won’t put any email database mesh on while opening Adobe Illustrator. I’m just going to teach you how to paint anything with this cool tool. Basic level. 12 classes. 33m.

Basic Theory of Art: How to Paint Digital Illustrations

 Basic Theory of Art: How to Paint Digital Illustrations. In just 1 hour and a half of the course you will learn the basic theories and foundations of art to raise the artistic quality of your digital paintings. We will also see some techniques and tricks within the Adobe Photoshop Software, which is where the explanations of each topic will be made. If you are a beginner in digital illustration and conceptualization, this course is perfect for you. Once you finish the Phone List course, you will have a clearer understanding of how light behaves, how we can appreciate the volumes around us and the way we can perceive things ‘pleasant’ to the eye.

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