The amount of work was still minimal

 In coaching, I have emphasized a lot that the blog topic must be limited and precisely focused in order to be successful with blogging. I have known this for several years. But why is it so difficult to implement in your own case? Finally, a decision had to be made. Some of the concepts had to be abandoned. I can’t break and disperse my own energy and what I do into four big areas. It’s just not fair to anyone. Especially the people who pay me to help. I sent a message to my close circle and asked if anyone would be interested in taking my place as the leader of the Unelma Onnellizzätta community. Someone who wants to help and is able to provide the best possible help and support to the community.

August's most popular blog article

Launch time 2 weeks. Same panic. The same uncertainty . August sales: €5,755.00 : This is how I earned €7,000.00 in 30 days – July income(s) report SEPTEMBER 2016 It was a mess. No anchor point, nothing to grab hold of. The work piled up badly. Six weeks in the fog. Everyday life and family life always come before work. Tough decisions. Permission to be vulnerable. Permission to stop entrepreneurship if you can’t take it. Surprisingly, in September, the feeling did not give up. It was latest database more peaceful. Clear. Still, a big vision was missing. September sales: €6,090.00 September’s most popular blog article: 48 Ways to Promote Business When It’s Quiet OCTOBER 2016 We discussed narrowing down the topic of the blog in blog training and in its Facebook student group.

The frost started to totally spread

And best of all, nothing catastrophic happened. The company was still standing when I came back home. After the vacation, however, the direction was lost. I started to realize that I have four big concepts in my hands (economy and wealth, blogging, the dream of happiness and digital entrepreneurship). What am I focusing on, what am I going to take forward, what will bring the company the necessary revenue? A million Phone List questions, a million undone jobs. The start of children’s school. Secondary school. Is everything going well? It doesn’t work. Bullying both ways. Clearing things up. Try to work. The phone rings. Go there and visit there.  to the hands. #6 time I wanted to give up. From Blogger to Professional™ online coaching II was launched .

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