Experiences from Blogger to Professional

 Do not spend time on work that is not profitable. Test and optimize (=> this requires a lot and involves certain risks, see December 2015) In July, I set out to optimize the blog coaching sales page and drive a little more traffic to the coaching. The optimization did not bring me the information I most needed. The optimization was left unfinished. July sales: €6,990.00 Most Popular Blog Article of July: The Secret: This Is Why Your Blog Will Never Succeed Testimonials: 2016 Business Review: How I built a digital business that produced 76K sales in 14 months (broken down month by month) AUGUST 2016 Five days without a computer. Five days without work. HOLIDAY! Breaking away was difficult but worth it.

People are funny that if they get

Never pilot for free, in other words, don’t offer free coaching in a pilot because it won’t tell you anything about real demand.  something for free, they don’t care about it and don’t finish the material. When they have to invest money, they want to get the most out of coaching. And that’s how it should be. Launch the pilot. (launch time e.g. 2 weeks). Market everywhere and new data every day, send an email once a day = out of sight, out of mind, out of the sales page. After the launch, decide whether you want to take the coaching or not: if not, refund the money. If you like it, keep making materials. Don’t be afraid to return the money if you don’t get enough students.

Figure out the content of the

(Don’t try to solve 15 problems in one online training, and definitely don’t offer 6 months of online training.) Calculate the amount of work used for online coaching. (On average, it takes 2-3 working days to make, shoot, edit and publish one week’s worth of material: 24 weeks = 72 total working days.) Calculate Phone List how many students you need to have in order for the coaching to be profitable. (For example, the cost of online coaching is €5,000.00, the price of the coaching is €27.90 = 308 students before all costs are covered.) Decide on the final price.  online coaching. Complete the first 1-3 material packages. PILOT AND ANTICIPATE BEFORE TRAINING TO THE END.

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