From now on you need to get a team around

A realization that unfortunately came a couple of months too late. Fortunately, I had a few companions whose readers the book was a perfect fit for. June sales: €3,200.00 June’s most popular blog article: 3 easy steps to start blogging Testimonials: 2016 Business Review: How I built a digital business that produced 76K sales in 14 months (broken down month by month) JULY 2016 In July, the workload eased a little. At the beginning of the month, I published the last online coaching material for financial coaching, and I cried. However, we spent 6 months together with these wonderful people. Big insights into online coaching. And a lot of mistakes made. Here are the biggest insights (that only came from making mistakes) Make short, precisely defined and targeted online trainings.

For the most part my readership

At the end of June, it was time to launch another e-book. And there was tension again. I held a webinar for the partners and reviewed the progress of the launch. Hopes were high, although nothing could be trusted.  how well the previous launch went, you can never trust that the next one will be successful as well. You new database have to be humble and start all over – with every launch. When the launch started, I realized something rough: my own readership is not yet ready for this e-book. AND besides, they are on vacation.  was those families who had challenges with their own finances, not those who had 500 euros of extra money to put into investments.

Launches are funny because no matter

 Most Popular Blog Article of May: The Real Reason Why 95% of Bloggers Don’t Make Money (and 5 Things You Can Do to Fix It in 5 Minutes ) JUNE 2016 ” Why is the group on vacation? What do they do? Where do they hang out? ” Holiday. What is it? The last time I was on vacation was in March 2013. If the period of unemployment is not included. In the middle of doing all the work, I had totally forgotten that people actually take a vacation. And when Phone List people are on vacation, they don’t buy e-books and online training. Hmm… Is it time to panic again? #5 time I wanted to give up. However, there was no time to worry. Two online trainings were waiting to be completed and people were waiting for training material. I wanted to make the best possible content for both coaching sessions and the blog.

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