What is Big Data? Why Is It Important

In today’s digital era, information or data has become a very important asset in making decisions. To collect the information needed, we can view or search for information in existing data collections. Well, a collection of data can be called big data . But what is big data ? Is big data just a collection of data? Let’s find the answer in this article. What is data? Before we enter the main discussion, we must first know what data is? Data is a collection of information consisting of several facts which can be in the form of numbers, words or certain symbols. It can be collected through a search or observation process using the right approach based on certain sources. If you want to deepen your knowledge about data, you can study it at Dicoding, you know. 

The following is a function of big data

The Three V itself consists of volume, velocity, and variety. The following is the explanation. Volume The name big data itself means data with a large size, therefore the size of the data itself has an important role. A data can be categorized as big data or not depending on the volume of data. For this reason, volume is one aspect that must be considered when dealing with big data. Velocity Velocity itself refers to data wsdata speed, how quickly data can be generated and how quickly data can be processed and analyzed to meet a need. Apart from data collection which must be fast, data transfer speed is also very influential.

The three characteristics above must be possessed

by big data. If one of the three characteristics above is not met, then the data set cannot be categorized as big data. Apart from the three characteristics above, big data also has two additional characteristics. These two characteristics are value and veracity. The following is an explanation of value and veracity. Value Value itself has the meaning of value or Phone List meaning. Data can be said to have value if the results of processing the data can help in making better decisions. Usually these value characteristics are needed in the business sector. Veracity Veracity here refers to the level of accuracy in data collection and how accurate the data is. With data that has a high level of accuracy, decision making will be better and optimal. Just like value, veracity is also often needed in the business sector.

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