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Big data function After you know what big data.   itself, now let’s go into . The function of big data. Big data can be used to predict or analyze . The cause of a problem that occurs in the system.   Big data can be a reference for developing a product.  Of this analysis can be the basis for making the right decisions for business development. Big data can reduce time and costs.  On the website on the server of the website itself. There are several types of server-side caching, here are the types.

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Conclusion That’s an article about big data, interesting isn’t it This data will continue to develop as the data collection process progresses. Maybe if there was no big data in today’s sophisticate wsdata  times, we would have difficulty making choices. Making a mistake in making this choice can have a fatal impact on the field you are pursuing. There is a Basic Data Visualization Learning class that can make you understand better how to process data well. This cache process usually takes place without you knowing.  This cache process is called caching.

What is big data Big data is a collection

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of data that has a very large volume or size consisting of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data which can develop over time . In big data itself there are three characteristics or aspects.   The Phone List    Every application or website used must hav.The function of the application cache is to speed up the time it takes to open the application and store the required information.

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