What are the differences between

 You can control the type of smart object by going to the properties menu. What are the differences between emb d  smart object and link  smart object. Both the emb d  and link  smart object retain the native information of the file (or of the layer or composition). You can therefore transform (scale. Rotate. Distort) as well as apply filters and masks in a non-destructive way without particular concerns about both the emb d  and on the connect . The big difference between the two objects is to be found in the “source”: with the emb d  advanc  object the layer and all its information come from the document you are working on. While with a link  one (to a file or library) the source is external.


Photoshop will update your document

 This leads us to make some considerations email List on the workflow that you should have if you collaborate with other colleagues on the same project and use files on a server or graphics in a cc library. If you use a smart object link  to a file. For example. And  it the file in other software and save it. Photoshop will update your document. Recording the changes you made to the source. If you accidentally move the file photoshop will warn you of the missing link and will ask you to either emb  (the last version it remembers) or relink the file to the right source. Updating the project.


All documents containing that object

 Failure to link to file window for relinking a smart object Phone List to a mov  or delet  file with library link  smart object you have all the flexibility of adobe’s cloud with all your graphics at your fingertips and the power of smart objects. Just drag and drop from the libraries and voilà… Your graphics will be insert  into the document as a smart object. If a colleague or you make changes to that library item. All documents containing that object will be updat  (you will still be notifi  by photoshop).


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