This behavior is due to an option that is check

 You just convert  a layer to a smart object! Convert to smart object in photoshopby going to the filters>convert for advanc  filters menu you will automatically convert the layer into an advanc  object. Ready to receive filters and transformations in a non-destructive way.convert for advanc  filters. Photoshop if you have a document open in photoshop and from the finder (mac) or explorer (windows) you drag a file onto that document photoshop will automatically convert that file into a smart object. This behavior is due to an option that is check  by default in the preferences. Namely: always create advanc  elements when inserting.

Go to preferences with the shortcut

 To check if the option is active. Go to preferences with the country email list shortcut ctrl/cmd+k and make sure you see the checkmark on always create advanc  elements when insertingcreate smart object in phtosohop drag-and-drop preferences there are also various methods for inserting (rather than converting) a layer into a smart object. Namely: file>insert emb d dragging and dropping from the cc library onto an open document we will return to this topic in the next paragraph what types of smart objects exist in adobe photoshop what types of smart objects exist in adobe photoshop currently we can distinguish photoshop’s smart objects into two macro categories: built-in smart objects link  smart objects in turn. The connect  advanc  objects can be divid  into: smart objects link  to a file or link  to an element of the cc libraries .


If the thumbnail is accompani

 Different types of smart objects in photoshop layer thumbnails tell Phone List you what type of smart object you have: link  to cc libraries (top). Link  to files (middle). And emb d  (bottom) the icons that accompany the thumbnails of the different types of smart object help you understand which object you are looking at. The cloud-shap  thumbnail that you find at the bottom right of a photoshop layer suggests the presence of a library link. While the black square icon tells you that you are working with an emb d  one. However. If the thumbnail is accompani  by a chain symbol. You are on a smart object link  to files.


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