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Email Errata: How to correct an incorrect email marketing sending?

The first thing to do is to check how serious your mistake was and what its consequences were. You can start by answering some questions:

Can the error affect the understanding of the message?
Is this information interfering with your campaign objectives?
Can the reader see that this was just a trivial mistake?
Does the action button, better known as CTA ( call-to-action) , have the correct link?
Does the error compromise your company’s image and reputation?
Once the problem has been identified and the problem caused has been measured, we move on to the second step.

2 – Send a new ERRATA email

If you have sent an incorrect email marketing  Malaysia Phone Number Data campaign that could interfere with the results of the campaign, you need to take action. Incorrect links, buttons that are not working or any information that compromises your objective need to be corrected.

But depending on the error, there is no need to send a new email. Images and links, for example, can be changed directly on the server. Only send a correction email to the contacts who may have been affected by the error. People who had already clicked on a wrong button need to be notified, since they were interested in your offer.


3 – Don’t stress over minor and silly mistakes

A typo, for example, is understandable and does Phone List  not require you to send a new email because of it. This type of error is something that the reader realizes was just a mistake, but it does not interfere with the understanding of the message or your goal with the campaign. Just take it as a lesson to pay extra attention next time.

But be careful! Typing errors are not the same as spelling errors! Depending on its magnitude, a spelling error can be very bad for the company’s image and, consequently, can compromise its results. Gross errors will scare off the reader, who may perceive them as a lack of training and professionalism.

4 – Be honest, friendly and FAST!

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone recognizes their mistakes. The important thing is to act quickly to improve the situation. To correct a bad email marketing campaign, create a new correction email. Be honest and apologize, but don’t give too many explanations. Be direct, simple and friendly. At these times, it is even more important for your audience to see that your company is serious, professional and cares about communication.

Here is a brief discussion on this topic

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 Temperature and Comfort

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Communication with Parents

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