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How to Promote a Cosmetics Business on Tumblr, Is It Still Worth It?

Just like various other social media platforms , you can also use Tumblr as a marketing channel for your cosmetics business. Although it must be admitted, the audience is somewhat smaller and more specific than Twitter, Facebook or other mainstream media. This platform, which was first launched in 2007, is filled with interesting blog posts and images. Therefore, this platform is suitable for posting cosmetic and beauty content, which is closely related to the visual aspect. Apart from that, this platform is also considered ideal for you to use if the target market for your business is young people. Because generally Tumblr users are young people, from the millennial and Z generations.

Overview of Tumblr

This platform was first launched in 2007, which was then bought by Yahoo in 2013. Since then, there has been another transfer of ownership from Yahoo to Verizon in 2017, then to its final owner Automattic in 2019 until now. Since its founding until now, Tumblr has experienced fairly consistent growth by hosting more than 549.5 million blogs. According to a Statista report in 2022, Tumblr had more than 312 million visits every month. Surprise! Surprised? You are not the only one, considering that it is very rare for business people to consider Tumblr as their promotional channel. This means Iran WhatsApp Data that it will be even smaller for you to find competitors on this platform. But what makes social media so popular? Well , compared to its competitors (ed. popular platforms), Tumblr offers a more personal and interesting algorithm.

Types of Blog Posts on Tumblr

There are many types of blog posts on Tumblr, this is because users are free to express themselves in an aesthetic and interesting way. However, there are at least 7 types of posts that are most widely used and whose function is similar to templates. First, Tumblr is very popular for short text posts. Even though you Japan Whatsapp Number can write as long as you want, users tend to be interested in quotes that are short but relate to their lives. In this case, you can also promote your brand or cosmetic product by adding a tagline. The main idea of ​​the brand’s character and purpose, which suits the audience’s interests. There is a lot of concrete evidence that with just one simple, short and compelling sentence. A brand can gain great popularity and increase sales of their products.