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Blitar Maklon Cosmetic Factory Provides Assistance to MSMEs

This can also be seen from data reported by Trade.gov. It was explained that exporters of beauty and care ingredients have increased since 2019. And it is estimated that this will continue to increase until 2027. The countries that are contributors to imported ingredients include Singapore, China, the European Union, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. From this statistical data, it proves that cosmetic products in various countries, including Indonesia, have been accepted by the market. So it is not surprising that many local cosmetic brands are starting to introduce beauty products with various variations and uses. Even now, making your own cosmetic products is also getting easier because of the help of maklon.

Professional R&D Team

Mash Moshem Indonesia is supported by a professional research & development team. This team itself is responsible for the process of making samples, managing ingredient formulations, and the process of making your cosmetics. Plus, we have a one formula for one brand service. Which means that in making one formula, it will be directed to one brand only. So your Belgium WhatsApp Data cosmetic product formula will not be similar to other brands’ formulas. Apart from a professional team, we are also equipped with adequate facilities. Such as very complete, sophisticated and up-to-date facilities and equipment. So the results of your brand’s cosmetic products are safe.

Standardized Quality control process

Don’t worry, because Mash Moshem Indonesia also goes through a strict quality control process. Such as carrying out evaluations to maintain the safety and quality of your cosmetic products. According to the regulations set by BPOM. This standardized checking process China Whatsapp Number itself includes the application of raw materials, production activities, material formulation, and strict feasibility tests. The process is also closely monitored. Even before making samples, our team must first get approval from the quality control team. We do all of this to maintain trust and improve the quality of the client’s cosmetic products. Plus the inspection process is carried out microbiologically, to ensure there are no dangerous substances that could harm the client’s cosmetic products.