Memahami Apa Itu Internet of Things

 n sebuah konsep di mana. Suatu benda atau objek ditanamkan teknologi-teknologi sepert. Sensor dan software dengan tujuan untuk berkomunikasi, mengendalikan. Menghubungkan, dan bertukar data melalui . Perangkat lain selama masih terhubung ke internet. Next in the home sector You can make your house completely automatic, you know, from turning on the lights, turning on electronic devices, and even opening the door of the house.  f you implement IoT in your home, you indirectly have a smart home .

IoT memiliki hubungan yang erat dengan istilah .Machine-to-machine atau M2M. Seluruh alat yang memiliki kemampuan komunikasi . M2M ini sering disebut dengan perangkat cerdas atau smart devices. Perangkat cerdas ini diharapkan dapat membantu kerja manusia dalam menyelesaikan berbagai urusan atau tugas yang ada.

Unsur pembentuk ekosistem IoT

To create an IoT ecosystem, we not only need smart devices, but also various other supporting elements in it. The following are the various elements that make up the he first is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an intelligence system owned by humans that is implemented or whatsapp database programmed in machines so that machines can think and act like humans. AI itself has several branches, one of which is machine learning . You can learn machine learning  as a first step in developing AI.n IoT, almost any machine or tool can become a smart machine. That means IoT has a huge impact on all aspects of ourThe last one is the application of IoT in the environmental sector. Usually the environmental sector uses IoT applications and devices that use sensors.

Benefits of the internet of things in various fields

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First of all, we will discuss starting from the agricultural sector. The application of IoT in the agricultural sector can be done in various ways. One of them is in  Phone List matters of data collection. The data collected can include temperature, humidity, rainfall, water content in the soil, and pest monitoring.

Next is the medical and health sector.  The data sent includes blood pressure, medical history, current illness, etc.

For example, farmers can find out important data such as water content in the soil and ambient temperature with implanted sensors. The collected data can be used to make decisions . To improve quality and quantity, minimize risks, and reduce the effort required to manage agriculture.

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