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After successfully holding the AWS Referral Program last . August, this time Dicoding is holding the AWS Referral Program. Batch 2 again for September with the incentive prizes you’ve been waiting for. This month’s Referral Program, Dicoding will give friends all incentives in the form of FREE Dicoding class subscription tokens. Yes FREE. Just give a referral for this program to your friends/relatives. Follow the method below: Get a unique referral link to share with other relatives which can be found at the following link: Invite your relatives to register for the AWS Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship.

Program using the referral link

The referral will be considered valid if the invited relative registers for the AWS Cloud and Back-End whatsapp number list Developer Scholarship Program and redeems the Cloud Practitioner Essentials class token (Learning AWS Cloud Basics). You can see the total number of valid referrals obtained at the following link: (The number will be updated regularly on Mondays and Fridays). * The link will begin to be accessible on Friday, September 10 2021. For those of you who successfully bring referrals, at the end of the period you will receive incentives according to the following terms and conditions: 30 Day Subscription Token worth IDR 1,500,000 for those who successfully .

bring up to 30 valid referrals

Whatsapp Number List

Ay Subscription Token worth IDR 4,500,000 for those who successfully bring up to 50 valid referrals . 180 Day Subscription Token worth IDR 8,100,000 for those who Phone List successfully bring up to 80 valid referrals . 360 Day Subscription Token worth IDR 12,600,000 for those who successfully bring up to 100 valid referrals .  The registration form and redeem. Tokens from 7 September o 30 September 2021 at 23.59 WIB.   referrals. This referral program is only open until September 30 2021.

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