ConJur launches Federal Justice and Rio de Janeiro

This week , Revista Eletrônica Consultor Jurídica launched two more Justice Yearbooks for iPad. The Federal Justice Yearbook 2015 and the Rio de Janeiro Justice Yearbook 2015 . In total, there are now more than twenty yearbooks available on the ConJur Yearbooks app , which can be downloaded for free from the App Store . Complete editions are sold for US$9.99 (about R$25). All publications for iPad are also available in printed version (R$40), and can be purchased at Livraria ConJur . In addition to the convenience of carrying all the yearbooks on one device, the ConJur Yearbooks app for iPad features tools. Such as index navigation, keyword search and page markers.

The position adopted by a panel

This reduces the time spent searching for jurisprudence on a given subject or the position adopted by a panel. Aimed mainly at an audience of lawyers, judges and members of the Public Ministry. The publications are of great use to anyone who wants to understand the country’s Judiciary and the functioning of public law. The President of the Federal Supreme Court, Minister Cambodia WhatsApp Data Ricardo Lewandowski. States that the Justice Yearbooks “translate the Judiciary in a simple way. Not only for a specialized audience but also for the common citizen. Federal Justice In its 4th edition, the 2015 Federal Justice Yearbook shows that this branch of Justice seems to go in circles, in a spiral that seems to have no end.

Each year the number of new cases

The productivity of judges and the collection of pending cases increase. According to the publication, despite all the investment made in order to comply with the constitutional precept. The reasonable duration of the process, the measures do not seem to show Philippine Whatsapp Number effective results. According to the Yearbook, in addition to internal changes in the courts, society also needs to change its habits, developing alternative forms of conflict resolution and submitting public administration to already consolidated jurisprudence. Complaints about the use of the Judiciary as a collection sector for the Executive Branch, as a service counter for the INSS, and as a guarantor of medical prescriptions for the needy population are common among judges and judges.

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