Why is it worth investing in hosting? Free webinar with the best experts in the industry

Owners of Websites and E-shops Should Pay Special Attention to the Protection of Their Sources. Data Security is the Practice of Protecting Data Against Theft, Damage or Loss. What is Very Important in This Case is Not Only Data Protection From the Point of View of the Gdpr,but Also a Huge Risk of Image Losses in the Event of Data Leakage or Theft. Hosting Plays an Important Role in This Process.

To Increase Data Protection and the Operational Capacity of an E-store, It is Necessary to Have Hosting With a Regular Backup System. This is Very Important for Every Website Owner Who Wants to Ensure Their Security and Protect Their Data. Regular Backups Allow You to Recover Your Data in the Event of a Disaster or Data Loss.

Dorota Prokopiak

The use of   Whatsapp Data Been Associated With the Marketing and Public Relations Industry for Years. She gained her experienc as editor-in-chief of national magazines and industry portals and as an organizer of training, business events, conferences and webinars. Since 2020,she Has Been Associated With Group.where, as a Specialist, She Effectively Builds the Image of a Global Company, is Responsible for Internal and External Communication.

When opening an online store, people forget about many things that will be of great importance for the development of their e-commerce in the future.

Why is it worth investing in hosting

Group – an international Phone List Digital Marketing Agency That Has Been Setting Standards in Acquiring and Converting Traffic for 16 Years Together With.Experienced E-commerce Market Experts, Has Launched a Series of Free Educational Webinars During Which  in the Areas of E-commerce. The Webinars Are Aimed at Owners, E. Managers and Digital Marketing Specialist. The Aim of the Educational Series is to Help You Better Understand and Use the Potential of Internet Marketing in E-business.

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