What is LinkedIn, how it works and what it is for. Get a job with LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn, how it works and what it is for. Get a job with LinkedIn in this article I am going to explain. After that, what LinkedIn is , and how it can become one of the most important social networks. In addition, within your digital marketing strategy. Today, LinkedIn has become a social network to work on your personal brand. In addition, connect with professionals in your sector and to look for quality employment. The idea of ​​LinkedIn as a social network was born in 2002. After that,  but we had to wait until 2003 to see this online project underway.

Confusing social networks with a sales platform

Confusing social networks with a sales platform. It may be the most important mistake and the one most worth mentioning. If you send messages that are too advertising or that do not add value to your followers. After that, you can transmit an image contrary to what you have in mind. Remember that social email leads networks are an instrument of interaction with your potential clients or those you have attracted. In addition, very effective because you address them in an informal environment.

Your digital identity is something alive

Your digital identity is something alive. After that, and as such a living being we have to take care of it. After that, as if it were a plant that must be watered and pampered daily through new contacts of interest. In addition, influencers or companies that we may be interested in. Removing dry leaves so that it looks better by keeping our profile and skills completely up to date. Paying it with updates and publications of interest to our followers and all within the sector in Phone List which we operate. Protecting it from the cold or excess sun and keeping it in an environment that is not inhospitable, or in other words, placing it in those groups that best adapt to it and its sector.

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