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The MRACE® dashboard. built and us. by SDM on the Google Data Studio platform. tells almost in real time the site.s events at every stage of the model. There are measurement points throughout the entire sales funnel. They are microconversion and conversion points tailor. to the site and business. which are us. to measure. for example. the percentage of leaving the site (bounce rate.

Accumulation of an email list

Act phase and the (Convert phase). With business lead the help of various connectors. almost any structur. data can be import. into the Dashboard – the options start with Excel tables and expand to more than six hundr. data connectors. e.g. About advertising on the platforms of Meta. Link.In and TikTok. With a couple of clicks. the views and filters of the dashboard show. for example.

A certain promotional

Your advertising is a gamble where one card is more likely to win than that. Building measurement is an important investment. because a Dashboard that is made once. serves well and is constantly Phone List in strategic use lasts for years – with minor additions or changes. the lifetime of the site. In addition to installing Google Universal Analytics or Analytics 4. implementing comprehensive conversion measurement requires creating triggers and tags in Google Tag Manager .

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