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Recruitment center competent for the employer’s register office within days. From the date of dismissal of the reserve soldier or the Home Army soldier from performing this service. The application should include: employer’s name and company headquarters address. Place You want to business, employer’s email address, company’s tax identification number. Employer’s bank account number, data regarding the soldier name, surname, PESEL number. residential address. Draft card number and appointing authority, information about the number of days taken into account to calculate costs.

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The application can be submitt on paper with a handwritten signature or electronically using. A qualifi electronic signature or a trust signature. The application must be accompani by documents confirming the costs incurr. In the case of military exercises, the philippines photo editor employer prepares one application for a given military exercise in the case of military service in the active reserve, a separate application is prepar for each period. In which this service was perform, and in the case of territorial military service perform on a rotational basis, the employer prepares a separate application for each month of the duration.

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The amount of the benefit for the employer including reimbursement of costs incurr and severance pay paid to Phone List the employee due to being call into service is determin and paid by the head of the military recruitment center. Compensation payment is mad to the employer’s bank account indicat in the application. In particularly justifi cas the refund may be paid money order cash to the addres indicat by the employer.

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Implementation of acquisition of assets belonging to a plant that has been close. Would have been close had the purchase not occur, “the same or similar activity” means activities within the same statistical class of the economic activity classification – NACE. The main goal of National Smart Specializations is to focus investments on R&D+I activities, i.e. research, development and innovation. In areas with the greatest innovative and competitive potential. The development of these areas is expect to contribute to economic growth and improve. The quality of life of society, as well as the condition of the natural environment. National Smart Specializations mean areas of activity with the greatest development potential.

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Concentrating investments in these industries is intend to contribute to the transformation of the national economy by creating innovative solutions. Taking initiatives that fit into national smart specializations is widely promote under EU support Photo Retouching programs. In the new perspective, this is to be achieve through the FENG program – European Funds for a Modern Economy, FEPW – European Funds for Eastern Poland, as well as the Horizon Europe program. Each voivodeship also has Regional Smart Specializations, i.e. RIS, present in the Regional Innovation Strategy. RISs, as the name suggests.

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Equivalent of national smart specializations at the voivodeship level. The regional authorities define RISs according to the specificity of a given area. Taking into account the directions that should contribute to its dynamic and at the same time sustainable growth. Smart specializations in EU subsidies Earlier, we mention. That EU programs are intend to support the Phone List development of areas of smart specializations – so how does this relate to subsidies. Entrepreneurs implementing projects co-finance from EU funds. Depending on the select innovative subsidy, either regional or national, must demonstrate compliance with KIS or RIS to the minimum extent indicate in the competition documentation.