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20 Myths of Digital Marketing and Social Media that you should know

20 Myths of Digital Marketing and Social Media that you should know. I wanted to compile in this article some of the myths of digital marketing, SEO, blogging, social media and personal brand. In addition, with the aim of preventing you from making the mistake of using practices that are no longer effective. After that, or of not correctly applying any of them. the strategies that I will describe below. The goal is to shed light on these topics that are taboo and that generate so much discussion and controversy, so we start with these myths of digital marketing.

Getting a Blog to work is very easy

You have to know that a blog requires a lot of time work and effort to get it working. But what does it mean for a blog to work. The first step will be to define what your objectives are. In addition, and your blog will work to the extent that you get closer or achieve these objectives. Getting a blog to work will depend on many aspects but if we talk about time. Therefore, that is, the time it will take to top people data see results. After that, this will directly depend on the daily hours that we are willing to dedicate to it. And yes I am talking about daily hours. After that, If you had in mind only dedicating a few hours a week to start your blog,

If I publish quality content I will get a large reading audience

If I publish quality content I will get a large reading audience. It is clear that it is very important to publish content of authentic value for our blog. In addition, but if we only do that, you will see how your Google Analytics statistics are very, very sad, and logically this will discourage Phone List you and generate frustration in the project. Think that it is very important that you work on your personal brand and that more people know the great work you are doing with your blog.

It Provides Solutions for Individuals and Companies

It Provides Solutions Notify the team and clients of your holiday in advance This is the case when you are away for a week. Now imagine you are gone for two weeks. This will compress three weeks of work into one week. If you achieve this goal, you really have to ask yourself if, at your normal pace, you can work as efficiently as possible… Have Someone to Hold Your Responsibilities The nuances of “responsibility” are important and should not be confused with tasks . Mission accomplished.

Designed to Incentivize and Reward

Your vacation should not place an additional burden on your colleagues. Inform the team top people data and clients in advance of your vacation Even so. Therefore, It’s good to have someone you can contact if there are questions, clients have questions, etc. Ultimately you want to enjoy your vacation in peace and quiet. To do this, you must also set up this colleague so that he or she can take care of all the necessary things when you are away.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Inform the team and clients of your holiday in advance. Inform the team and clients of your Phone List holiday in advance. If you contact clients, they should know in advance that you are leaving. You must notify others in the company in the same manner. They may be counting on you to organize topics. Therefore, They must know when you will be there, giving the team and clients advance notice of your holidays and when you will not be there. Like mission planning, this must be done in advance to avoid surprises and allow room for planning.