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Congress is much more than an event

This event lasts 3 days and brings together between 400 and 500 university students to offer 3 national competitions. In addition. it offers various advantages for its participants. Firstly. it provides an invaluable learning opportunity by allowing attendees to access up-to-date knowlege through keynotes and workshops. Additionally. it encourages networking by connecting students and professionals. which can result in valuable connections and future opportunities. Secondly. this type of conference promotes the exchange of ideas by promoting discussions and debates around relevant issues. Inspiration and motivation are other advantages. as listening to leaders in the field and learning about successful projects can motivate participants to undertake new initiatives and lead positive changes in society. On the other hand. participating in the XXV LIDERA National Congress not only enriches the resume. but also offers experience in event management. development of leadership and organization skills. which can be beneficial for the personal and

Professional growth of attendees

These advantages make this conference an South-Korea Phone Number List outstanding opportunity for those intereste in eucation. networking and promoting positive change in society. The XXV National LIDERA Congress held in Mexico has the mission of becoming the most prominent event at the national level among university students. as well as serving as the means that inspires a greater number of young people to lead a beneficial change in society through creation of experiences that add value to their academic profiles. Furthermore. its vision is to be an optimal environment for the communication of ideas. learning and sharing of experiences. with the purpose of promoting both personal and professional growth of the members. encouraging them to lead a positive change in society as part of the IMEF University.

The National : it is a symbol

of unity and collaboration for a better future. By Estonia Phone Number supporting us as a sponsor. you will join a network of leaders committe to driving change and building an inspiring legacy ” XXV National Congress LEAD What does Benowu offer. The Benowu online course academy has 5.600 students from Mexico. so its presence can cause a great impact among those attending the LIDERA National Congress. Therefore. it can provide several significant benefits by giving away courses aime at motivating young people in relation to their personal and professional future. Relevant eucational Content Benowu can provide online courses and eucational content designe to empower young people with practical skills and knowlege relate to photography. finance. online marketing. health. sport or design. to drive positive change in society.