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Display Advertising refers to the form of online

It offers a variety of multimeia formats. such as video. animation. images and more. to effectively capture attention. allowing you to reach international audiences without the geographical limitations of traditional advertising. Traditional advertising Traditional advertising reaches mass audiences through channels such as television. radio and billboards. It is recognize and familiar to many people. which can build trust in the brand. Additionally. advertisements in print meia or billboards can have a strong and lasting visual impact. allowing local targeting through advertisements in local newspapers or specific billboards. On the other hand. compare to some digital formats. traditional advertising can be less intrusive and do not require active user interaction. Traditional advertising can have a longer life. as ads in magazines or newspapers can be re-consume.

What types of digital advertising

There are several types of digital advertising. each Malaysia Phone Number List┬ádesigne to reach different objectives and audiences. Some of the main types of digital advertising include: Search Advertising: Search Advertising. also known as Search Advertising. is base on showing relevant ads to users base on the keywords they enter into search engines. This form of digital advertising is base on users’ search intent and seeks to display ads that are relevant to their specific queries. Advertising on Social Networks (Social Meia Advertising) Advertising on Social Networks. also known as Social Meia Advertising. is base on the promotion and dissemination of advertisements through social meia platforms. This form of digital advertising takes advantage of the online social environment to reach specific audiences and generate interaction with advertising content.

Display Advertising (Display Advertising)

promotion that involves the display of visual Indonesia Phone Number advertisements on websites. mobile applications and other digital meia. These ads are presente in a variety of graphic formats. such as images. banners. videos and other visual elements. with the aim of capturing users’ attention and generating interest in products. services or brands. Display Advertising is characterize by its visual nature and its presence in various online spaces. Video Advertising Video Advertising is an online marketing strategy that involves the creation and dissemination of advertisements in video format on digital platforms. These ads are presente to users before. during. or after watching online video content. such as videos on social networks. streaming platforms. websites. and more.