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Flanking Marketing: Definition, Principles and Types of Strategy

Competition with competitors in the same market segment is one of the things that companies must be aware of. Therefore, quite a few companies will implement various types of marketing strategies and sales methods in order to dominate their products in the market segment the company is targeting. One way is by using flanking marketing. Have you heard? There are several large companies in various business niches that have implemented this type of marketing strategy. Like Red Bull, Volkswagen to Coca Cola. Meanwhile, in the country itself, the large company that uses this strategy is Telkomsel. When implementing this type of product marketing strategy, companies will generally carry out diversification.

What is Flanking Marketing?

Quoting from the Marketing Schools page, flanking marketing is a marketing strategy used by companies to get rid of competitors in market segments. In general, companies that have implemented this strategy will focus on targeting market segments that have not received good service from competitors. So the opportunity to dominate the market will be even greater. You need to remember that this strategy is different from red ocean. Even though Hong Kong WhatsApp Data they are both involved in a market segment that is full of competitors. Flanking marketing will tend to choose a special market segment that is not yet optimal. Flanking marketing will be more likely to meet consumer needs that have not been met by competitors in that particular market segment. Business sectors that succeed in implementing this strategy well will gain access to new market segments and then dominate those market segments.

Benefits of Implementing a Flanking Marketing Strategy

In general, flanking marketing is implemented by innovative companies so they can compete with larger companies from similar industries. Here large companies tend to prefer to carry out marketing by carrying out direct confrontation activities. In a position like this, the smaller business sector will prefer Turkey Whatsapp Number to carry out market maneuvering processes quietly, quickly and certainly without high risks. One option is that they will choose to use a flanking strategy by opening opportunities in higher market segments. This can help businesses maintain the stability of their business infrastructure that they have built for a long time. However, the flanking strategy can also be applied by business types that are already quite dominant.