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These keywords typically consist of longer

 What are long tail words or long tail . Long-tail words are more specific and detaile search phrases compare to general . They are usually made up of three or more words and focus on a specific niche. Here’s an example : Instead of. These using a general keyword like “shoes.” a long-tail keyword could be “running shoes for women with wide feet.” This long-tail keyword is much more specific and will attract a smaller. These keywords typically consist of longer but more targete audience. Below. we point out the different types of keywords that exist. as well as their advantages. Different types of keywords Short tails Short tails are short. concise keywords or search terms that

Generally consist of one or two words

 These keywords are more general and broad in their France Phone Number List meaning. and tend to cover a variety of relate queries and topics. Due to their general nature. short tails usually have high search volume but also stronger competition in terms of SEO. Middle tails “Middle tails” are keywords or search terms that are somewhere between “short tails” (short and general keywords) and “long tails” (long and specific keywords). more detaile phrases. which are more specific than short tails but not as detaile as long tails. Middle tails are use by users who are looking for information that is a little more specific than what short tails offer. but who do not yet nee

As exhaustive details as long tails

 These can help drive traffic to a website more Latvia Phone Number specifically than short tails. but still have significant search volume. Long tails Long tails are long. specific r search terms use to search for detaile or specific information online. These keywords typically consist of longer. more complete phrases that address a specific topic in depth. Although long tails have a lower search volume compare to more general keywords. they are often highly relevant and can attract an audience looking for specific information or concrete solutions. These  are valuable in SEO strategies as they can attract highly targete traffic and have less competition in terms of search engine rankings.