Multipurpose Community Manager, an evolution or a Work requirement?

Multipurpose Community, Offline or classic marketing has been evolving and adapting to new technologies. Giving rise to another type or branch of it ( online marketing ). Which introduced the Internet into its virtuous circle. Companies saw in this Online facet a new door to open towards commerce. With the advantage of almost total self-management.
Without limits of hours or borders ( the world could be theirs ). Within that new online facet of marketing is where a trend, although not new. Such as Social Media ( social network marketing ) has found its ideal place. This in turn gave birth within any organization to the image of the Community Manager . A New professional who arrived as the main person in charge of managing these new social tools.

For better or worse, almost everything always changes.

Multipurpose Community, This is more or less what happened. Well. Maybe not. Perhaps things turned out differently. But the fact is that top people data everything changes or evolves quickly and very few things manage to survive without being hit by the arrow of development. For better or worse. almost everything always changes. In recent years. new needs have been emerging ( laborally speaking ) within different companies. Who knows if due to natural changes in the labor market, due to the hit global economy. Perhaps due to the opportunism of some businessmen or simply because a logical and natural evolution that any professional field usually undergoes . All of us. To a greater or lesser extent, have had to adapt to a greater number of functions within our work activities.

top people data

The Versatile Community Manager

For example, and although in many cases I do not justify it. It is not new to find clerks in any business who Phone List also take care of the cashier, administrative tasks or who collaborate with other issues such as cleaning or loading and unloading the new stock that enters the premises. Or in cases closer to my sector ( tourism and hospitality ). Receptionists who take care of agency reservations. Administrative or accounting tasks in general and even in “more radical” cases they can be seen collaborating in the bar/restaurant. Loading and unloading supplies, or in some of the other daily tasks that can be found in any hotel. I want to take the liberty of clarifying. in my opinion , that in many cases these new tasks, work evolutions.

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