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Think of some of the most popular websites

However, I must say that it is now very difficult to find and get short names. According to research, the most ideal ones are – between characters. If you can’t shorten it too much, you should focus on the brandable aspect. What to consider when choosing a domain name, how to choose the right domain name, tips to consider when choosing a domain name Make it Easy to Write  in the world. What caught your attention? Google,

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Feature is that they are easy to spell and write. Your visitors should be able to type your name easily. If you repeat your name more than once Last Databaseto be understood, your name is confusing. Another thing you don’t want is for your visitors to accidentally navigate to other sites while searching for you. Here’s how you can test this… tell the person your prospective domain name and ask them to spell it out for you. If they have trouble spelling it, you should consider simplifying your name.

Make it easy to pronounce

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Your domain name should be as easy to say as it is to type on the keyboard. This allows your name to be shared by your visitors through word of Email List mouth, as well as your site to be spread more easily by you to your friends and potential customers. You can test this as in the spelling above. Write your domain name on a piece of paper and tell the person to pronounce it. If they have difficulty saying it, you should simplify your name. If you want your domain name to be transferred easily by you and others.