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Email Marketing Checklist: 10 Tips for a Perfect Campaign

When we talk about recipients, the question is: do you really have an efficient email list ? A huge contact list is worthless if most of them do not interact with your brand. Do not buy lists online, this is the worst mistake there is. They were not created by you. Furthermore, many emails may be invalid and the valid emails that do exist may not know your brand. Depending on the email list, if many are invalid, you may be labeled a spammer and your emails will go straight to the junk mail box . In other words, “the plan backfired”. Better to have a small list created by your company than a huge one of ghost customers.

Important: If there are complaints from people who have received your SPAM, your domain has a high chance of being blocked and ending up on what providers call the Black List: domains that misuse email sending.

Define campaign goals

You want to create a campaign, but where do you South Africa Phone Number Data start? Know how much you will spend, have a defined ROI for pre and post-campaign. Define the content, design, audience and all the metrics needed to ensure everything goes as planned. Don’t leave any gaps, have an objective in mind, set goals and monitor the results.

Humanize the contact

What is the tone of your sender? Avoid using senders with role-based profile emails (e.g., [email protected]). In addition to creating an impersonal tone, there is a high risk of being marked as spam. Use the email of a company employee. Show that there is a person behind the content and that you will communicate with the customer if necessary.


Create an eye-catching email subject line

Don’t go unnoticed, the subject line is the space you Phone List have to draw attention to your email, use it! Know how to sell yourself, combine the content with an interesting headline. Remember that the subject line is one of the most important items, as it is the first piece of information the customer will see. Therefore, it must be interesting and eye-catching. Furthermore, it cannot exceed 41 characters. It is also worth using numbers, they are attractive and sell concrete information. For example:

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