The Online bet: present and future of Tourism and Hospitality

The Online bet, The marked commitment. That has been made – by part of the sector – for some time now.  Therefore, on online campaigns and strategies. Aligned and reinforced with the growing trend of reinventing or adapting businesses to the web environment. The tourism industry in general and the hotel industry in particular are one of those that most drive the digital economy . In recent years. , the Internet has become an indispensable ally for the tourist trade. The search and purchase tool most used by its potential clients. Reaching new market niches at a global level . Carrying out strategies with new partners. Simplification when planning and knowing the needs ( from the client’s point of view ). Therefore, are some of the benefits.

Reinventing or adapting businesses

The Online bet, Another trend that is gaining strength and prominence and that must actively participate. The online strategy that we use.   although it seems that many have not yet found out. Is Social Media . Using social networks can be beneficial both to make ourselves known and increase our visibility and to detect those needs of our clients ( present or future ) that we talked about previously and in this way be able to adapt to them in the best possible way.   although the purchase of tourist packages or online hotel reservations are already common in places like Europe or the United States. there are still currently other countries in which there is a lot of fertile untapped ground. Therefore,  to this we must undoubtedly add the boom that Smartphones and Tablets.

Therefore, deciding to invest in Online Marketing is as commercially advisable as wanting and being Phone List present throughout the world.  through the different OTAs ( Online Travel Agencies ).    without taking into account the size or scope of the tourism/hotel company. in question. It is worth highlighting that: the strategy to be carried out must range from being in the main online hotel reservation systems in the world.  to a coherent investment in SEM and SEO focused on the main search engines for our own hotel website ( our direct channel ). Which must be adapted email database to these new demands. Therefore, one of the technological keys in any strategy with online reservation centers worldwide is to have updated Channel Manager software with connectivity.

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