How to improve your email marketing deliveries via Gmail

If you work with email marketing, you must know that it is extremely important to analyze the delivery factors of your campaigns. It is no different with Gmail. To understand where your company is right or wrong, it is essential to know the factors verified by each provider. Remember that user engagement with your content will always be a positive point for your company. Now, it is important for you to know which factors improve engagement and consequently score positively with Gmail:

Open the email

The more opens you have on your sent emails, the Indonesia Phone Number Data higher and better your reputation with the provider will be. This is because it will show that the content you sent is interesting and relevant to the user.

Click on the email

If you send an email and the user clicks, that’s already a good path. Now, if they follow the call to action in your email, that’s considered a positive point for Gmail. This is because it shows that the content was important to the user.


Take action from the email

If when a user receives a message they favorite it, tag it, or move Phone List it to a different folder, it’s great for your company’s engagement. This is because they take some action based on the email, not just throw it in the trash .

Avoid marking as SPAM

If there is one action that is important for Gmail, it is for users to not report their emails as SPAM. In addition to Gmail understanding your profile better, it ensures a great reputation with the provider.




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