Automatically sending emails: how to do it

Follow this line of reasoning: you’ve managed to capture a contact who has visited your social networks. Shown interest in your company and want to continue communicating with them, right? Your goal is to bring this potential consumer closer. Show them what sets your brand apart and, at the end of this journey. Get them to make a purchase. It’s in this “conquest” stage that email plays a fundamental role! And, what’s better, you can make automatic email sending a great ally in this process. Find out how!

Large scale work

The scenario we demonstrated earlier, of a potential Oman Phone Number Data customer accessing any of your channels. Opening a door to communicate with your brand, should not be an exception . Especially if your marketing strategy is well structured. Hundreds or thousands of people should be impacted by your material . When this results in leads (someone who shows interest in your product and provides data on their networks). It is time to act more assertively. In other words. It is time to use email as a tool for dialogue with these customers. The issue here is that, with a large volume of contacts, you will have to send a large volume of emails and therefore sending automatic emails is a solution that needs to be included in your marketing plan.


Low cost

Checking your email is a daily practice and, in some Phone List cases, it is done more than once a day. Establishing a dialogue with your potential customer on this platform is a possible reality and tends to bring a very high conversion rate (in terms of purchase).

When activating an email automation, be sure to work with your own list. Purchasing contact lists is never recommended, as you may waste time and money on an audience that is not necessarily interested in what you have to offer. By opting for the automatic email sending strategy, you will find that you can personalize messages and segment your audience, speaking directly to those who are interested in your product. IAGENTE ‘s email marketing platform , for example, offers a contact segmentation tool, which allows you to manage and organize sending to your list based on predefined segments, such as “those who have already opened an email” or “only for new contacts”.

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